As part of our training up to the World Championships in September which is the big focus for our year we have incorporated four weeks of intensive fitness into our sailing training!

Thought up for us by our specialist physiologists and strength and conditioning coaches they have identified areas that we need to improve to make the biggest difference to our sailing!

So far we have caused a lot of pain to our muscles and are eating several more meals to cope with all the sweating! But were managing to lift bigger weights and are really hoping to beat our fitness scores by the end of the four weeks!

See below Frances knees after a friendly game of knee tag to make us a bit more agile around the boat!! ouch!

We are managing to squeeze in a good few hours of sailing into our programme but the weather this week hasn’t been playing ball though! Sunny and nice else where on the coast Portland has been in a cloud and we have been sailing close together to avoid loosing each other in the fog!