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Inspire+ is an independant sports charity which aims to improve the lives for Young People through sport, PE and healthy active lifestyles. We serve 38 primary schools and 7 secondary schools. Our main service is to primary schools, for which we provide a comprehensive package including specialist sports coaching, teacher training, programmes for Gifted & Talented pupils and a mentoring programme to help those pupils who like sport but suffer with low confidence plus much much more along with a secondary school leadership academy of over 250 volunteers. Inspire+ is also the creator of a national resource, The Legacy Challenge.

Mary is a valued member of the athlete ambassador programme for Inspire+ along with Olympian’s, Paralympians, adventurers and marathon runners. Mary hopes to help inspire these young people into achieving healthy active lifestyles and being the best they can be! The charities school’s cannot wait to meet Mary and hear her stories.

Established in 2010, the Offshore Academy is the UK’s only centre of excellence for solo offshore sailing. The Academy prepares young British sailors for success on the highly competitive Class Figaro Bénéteau circuit. Both physically and mentally demanding, competing on one of the most demanding racing circuits in the world requires a unique skillset. Through the Academy’s structured training programme, skippers are given the expertise and training they need to race solo in the annual Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro – a 2,000-mile, four-stage solo race centered on the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay.

Since its creation Academy-trained sailors have recorded some of the best British Solitaire results in the race’s history. The goal of the Academy is to help talented British skippers work their way up and ultimately put them on the path to the Vendée Globe solo round-the-world race. A 24,000nm non-stop marathon, the Vendée Globe is the ultimate solo challenge and a race known as the ‘Everest of Sailing’.

Following in the footsteps of British ocean racers Dame Ellen MacArthur, Mike Golding and Alex Thomson, it is the Academy’s ultimate goal to see one of its sailors victorious on the Vendée Globe podium and become the first British skipper to win this prestigious race.

Years of extreme sports experience and a desire to build the worlds toughest watches was the catalyst for Elliot and Brown to follow their hearts and create a range of watches like no other.  Handsome enough to covet, tough enough to withstand the harshest environment yet affordable enough to wear every day.

It’s not revolution, more evolution with every component, every detail refined, strengthened and honed. It’s not hard to see why they’ve won multiple awards and are fast becoming the mariner’s go-to choice. Designed to take the sort of punishment our endurance sailors dish out every day.

Marlow’s leisure marine division produces ropes for Grand Prix Racers, Cruisers, Superyachts, Classic Boats and Dinghies. Each range demands very specific ropes. Marlow aims to match and exceed the requirements of every sailor with continuous R&D from their technical department and relationships with the fastest, largest and most high tech yachts and dinghies in the world.

Musto was established by the Silver Olympic medalist Keith Musto in 1965. Musto is the world’s leading offshore sailing brand and also leads the field with lifestyle, equestrian and shooting clothing. With over 50 years of heritage in cutting-edge performance apparel Musto offers no-compromise gear for active sportspeople.

Spinlock is an independent and innovative company, widely acknowledged as the world expert in ropeholding. Based in Cowes, UK, the ‘Home of Yachting’, Spinlock has over thirty years experience of designing and manufacturing rope holding equipment for sailing boats, from dinghies up to the largest superyachts.

Spinlock’s cleats, clutches and jammers hold ropes from 2mm to 32mm in diameter and loads up to 12,000kg. The expert skills of our Special Projects Team are valued by America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and other leading racing teams, Open 60’s and superyacht captains for the originality of their custom rope handling solutions.

Spinlock’s Deckware Series includes the award winning Deckvest – the world leading lifejacket harness.

The Magenta Project aims to advance women in the sport of professional sailing, and promote inclusion, diversity and positive female role models in society at large. The Magenta Project strives to grow its network of female athletes and mentors across the globe in order to create a cross network of opportunities amongst ourselves and for future generations. Originally made up of the members of TeamSCA our network continues to grow as we strive to promote athletes competing at an elite level, raising the profile of strong female role models and working together to influence organisations. Mary is part of this network and endeavors to help push the boundaries for Women everywhere.

Exposure Light’s high-power, compact, lightweight marine work and search lights use the latest advantages of LED technology. Exposure’s cordless, rechargeable torches combine search options (visible up to 3 nautical miles), with red beam, SOS and strobe safety features, in a waterproof, buoyant casing. Tested by the Abu Dhabi Volvo Race crew, Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) and described by Mike Golding as ‘the ultimate sailing torches’. The Norwegian Sea Rescue Association recommend the lights to their members and use them on NSRA rescue craft.