Mary writes:-

Short and very boring leg to Abu Dhabi!

We started by being over the line but rushed back and managed to play the shifts excellently on the first beat to round the top mark in 3rd and then we had a 20 mile starboard tack to the next waypoint where we then continued on starboard for another 20 and then finally turned down towards Abu Dhabi but just cracking off the sails on starboard slightly for another 30!
The conditions were quite rough 15knts and with massive Lyme Regis swell! This made the last leg to the finish quite fun trying to play on the waves and catch a few but was very hard work on the back muscles steering and Annemeike was a legend constantly trimming in and out the main sail! We are very achy this evening!

Sadly our new recruits didn’t fair so well and three out of the four were to be seen chundering off the back of the boat at start time and for the next 60 miles! Needless to say that wasn’t the best position for hiking and we eventually got rolled by several of the other boats putting us in 8th position at the finish.
A bit gutting after doing so well at the start time and for our girls who have now experienced sea sickness at its worst!
Just a very quick sleep here in Abu dhab and then back on the boat for a long long 170 mile leg to Doha! And the forecast is 25-30knts on the nose! Joy! Needless to say we have stocked up on sleeping pills for the girls and hope it won’t be quite so bad as today! This leg is particularly tricky as there are a whole load of exciting things to hit, sand banks, reefs, oil rigs, pipelines! It should all make for exciting sailing in 25knots!
All we can say is we are looking forward to getting to Doha where we get two nights in a bed and lots of inshore races were we hopefully can do ourselves justice!
Right off to bed now!