Dramatic start to the big race. Mary is skippering the 2015 Sail Arabia The Tour – SATT- heading up the girls team which includes 4 Omani sailors, 2 of which are new to offshore sailing. Mary was struck down with a severe ‘bug’ which required hospitalization 2 days before the start but recovered enough to help the girls to a very creditable 4th place in the inshore race that preceded the start of Leg 1. They then started this leg in blistering form and maintained a good 2nd place well into the night. The leader managed to pick up a breeze and sail away from them just as disaster struck and the girls ran smack into an unlit and very large fishing net.   In Mary’s words –  ” like Vestas it completely turned us I was quickly over the side hacking it off but we were completely wrapped up in it, we eventually got free but had to stop twice more to try and get it off finally in day light I put my head under and thought we were free but in actual fact there was more net around our propeller that I couldn’t see!
We were very slow and it was all very distressing falling further and further back.’

They very disappointingly finished 8th but at least beat the Omani boys teams.

Leg 2 has now started after a very short night in Sohar and ..

Anyway hopefully we can have some good luck and we have have now removed the sneaky bananas (bad luck at sea) that were in our lunch bag