It was a tricky first day in Weymouth, light and very shifty breeze coupled with a nasty chop from the East made it pretty hard to get around the race track yesterday!

In our small fleet of 8 boats we have for the first time two Aussies and two Irish boats to race against and three other GBR boats so its very different racing than we have been used to on the European circuit!

I am sailing with Frances Peters the Youth Worlds 29er Champion, in the last of our squad rotations. After this week we will be paired up with our final partners and then start training towards the european and world championships.

Due to the smaller fleet numbers we are starting 5 minutes after the boys 49ers and yesterday due to the light conditions we ended up racing amongst the boys, meeting with them at the Leeward marks with loads of boats trying to go in different directions it was chaos!

Hoping for a bit better breeze today but looking at the forecast it looks like its all coming on wednesday!