World champ conclusion

  Right the final day, well if I’m really honest I would rather not mention it too much. It was a bit of a disaster so I will make this bit quick. Arrived at the boat park to another glass out, waited a long time for the sea breeze to take over from the gradient, got sent out and bobbed around for a couple of hours in next to...Read more

Final day – by Tom Phipps

So here we are, the last day of racing at the worlds. When i last left you we had been mostly struggling for wind all week and were a long way behind on races. Well since then the race management have been on a mission to catch up and fortunately the weather has been on our side a little more too! Day 4,We had 3 races scheduled, and we...Read more

Midway through

Well today we were actually scheduled for a rest day but for reasons that will become obvious shortly, I am already up and preparing for what I hope will be a good day racing on the water. Day 1After all the preparation and anticipation it was finally here Day 1 of the worlds. Both Tom and I were stoked to get racing. Like most mornings we had experienced so...Read more

The Final Count Down

We have been out here a week now, and rest assured we have most definitely been making the most of it. Santander has definitely provided on weather, hot and sunny every day. Though it seem the mornings are a little slow. Im not sure there has been a single day where the wind has kicked in before 11am. The slow morning has given us a good opportunity to get...Read more