Determined to achieve in offshore racing


Follow my progress as I navigate the challenges of Offshore Solo sailing.

Having completed my first Solitaire Le Figaro race and become the 3rd British Female ever to have completed it, I am planning to launch myself into another year of hard training and racing against the top single handed sailors in the world. The Solitaire is a gruelling 2000 mile race between five European ports – known as the unofficial world championships of solo offshore sailing.

I have been Olympic sailing since 2008 where I was lucky enough to work with Britain’s best sailors, coaches, and support staff and went onto win several World, European and National titles, across a number of different sailing disciplines.

During this time I have worked as a professional sailor and coach and have worked with a huge variety of teams from British youth squad, Para-Olympians, top British yacht race team’s and Oman Sail’s Women’s squad.

Next, I plan to develop my skills further into the discipline of Solo sailing and enjoy every opportunity that sailing has to offer.

“I have been fortunate enough to work and sail with Mary. We faced a project that pushed boundaries, took on challenges and demanded results. Mary displayed a passion for the sport and approached the project with professionalism. She is a natural role model not only to her peers but also to those new to the sport of sailing. She has an incredible drive to do her very best and inspires those around her to reach for the same level.”Dee Caffari MBE

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