Determined to achieve in offshore racing


Follow my progress towards my 2016 Solo Offshore Challenge.

Building on my experience of top level International sailing and using all the skills I have learnt I am now training hard towards the epic single handed battle that is the Solitaire du Figaro. A grueling 2000 mile race between five European ports – known as the unofficial world championships of solo offshore sailing

I have been Olympic sailing since 2008 where I was lucky enough to work with Britain’s best sailors, coaches, and support staff and went onto win several World, European and National titles, across a number of different sailing disciplines.

During this time I have worked as a professional sailor and coach and have worked with a huge variety of teams from British youth squad, Para-Olympians, top British yacht race team’s and Oman Sail’s Women’s squad.

Next, I plan to develop my skills further into the discipline of Solo sailing and enjoy every opportunity that sailing has to offer.

“I have been fortunate enough to work and sail with Mary. We faced a project that pushed boundaries, took on challenges and demanded results. Mary displayed a passion for the sport and approached the project with professionalism. She is a natural role model not only to her peers but also to those new to the sport of sailing. She has an incredible drive to do her very best and inspires those around her to reach for the same level.”Dee Caffari MBE


Figaro Beginnings

Figaro Beginnings

  Just a  quick update to keep you informed with what I’ve been up to, over the last few weeks. The Artemis Offshore Academy proper training programme gets underway at the start of October so I’ve been using the last few weeks to get as ready as possible! Jack Trigger the skipper of Concise Class 40, came with me to deliver Henry Bomby’s Figaro from Dartmouth to France which was a great opportunity to get some more miles in the Figaro and eat biscuits as seen above!                  This is Jack mixing our best meal on the trip in a cut open water bottle, ever innovative! The meal involved ravioli with pumpkin soup and pesto! yum! Next up was the IRC Double handed nationals which I sailed with a new Artemis recruit Hugh Brayshaw. We weren’t very lucky with the weather and had a long wait for good breeze! On the Saturday we finally got in some great racing which was brilliant boat handing practice for us, neither of us really knew the best way to do things so often ended going around marks with all the sails flapping and plenty of chaos, but we were quite fast in straight line! This is an enormous rain cloud that come through the racecourse, beautiful colours followed by lots of rain and wind shifts! To support myself I’ve been doing some bits of coaching. This is a shot on board with the Oxford University Yacht Racing Team. They are training for the University World championships in J80’s and I worked with them on their... read more